Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The time has come, the walrus said...

As I was saying a couple of years ago, I was contemplating retirement, and now I've decided. It will be this year, a few months from now.

It wasn't exactly a difficult decision when I finally came to it. The main thing was that I was enjoying medical practice less and less, finding the relief of the weekends too short, and the dread of the coming week on a Sunday more and more.

For the short term, I'll have plenty to do, with various things around the house to catch up on. In the longer term, there is some uncertainty, but I look forward to being away from set schedules, all the various messages demanding answers, and so on.

People ask me if we'll be traveling a lot, but we've traveled quite a bit over the years, so nothing out of the ordinary is planned. Occasionally I have seen something about some trip that might last a couple of weeks that formerly I would never have considered, so maybe that will change.

Perhaps I'll find more time for this blog.