Sunday, January 08, 2012

eReadings 4

David Copperfield
Charles Dickens

Dickens writes in his preface that, at least of the time of the writing, this was his favorite book, since he really enjoyed the character.

My sense after reading it is that, interestingly enough, even though the story centers around David Copperfield and the things that happen to him as narrator of the story, it's not really about him. It's about all the strange and interesting characters in his life. There is much tragedy, various moments of happiness, sorrow as he tries to make his way through life, and the strange ways that people keep coming back into his life.

One of the most interesting families are the McCawbers, a family always on the verge of yet another financial calamity, going from one ruinous debt to the next, yet happy the whole while.

And now I see where the rock band Uriah Heep got its name, and quite a character he is.

Maybe the ending gets to be a bit of too much goodness, but this is a book full of enjoyable reading.

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